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Our office in Finland

Eva Forssén +358468567416
Antti Komulainen +358404150590

Hakaportinkatu 42
15320 Lahti, Finland


Eva Forssén

Secretary of the association
+358 46 856 7416

For the last 17 years I have worked as a Senior Lecturer at the Laurea University of Applied Sciences in Espoo, Finland. Prior to this I was a teaching consultant in Information Technology and as consultant for school curriculums for the city of Espoo. I also have several years’ experience in the supplementary training of teachers at Helsinki University. At grass roots level I also worked as a music teacher in secondary schools for over 10 years.

Antti Komulainen

Antti Komulainen

+358 40 415 0590

Born in 1954, retired special needs teacher

During my teaching career I have been active in various organisations relating to pedagogic and special needs education (council member of the Trade Union of Teachers in Espoo and Kauniainen, shop steward of Espoo JUKO, four years as OAJ member, member of the council at the Association of Special Education in Southern Finland).

Development cooperation has been close to my heart for decades; so far my daily profession has limited my activities to my home country. I am now able to become active abroad and intend to carry on for as long as I have the energy to do so.

´Seppo Rantanen

Seppo Rantanen

Chairman of the board
+358 40 505 0333

I have worked in the Human Resource profession both in Finland and Africa. I was involved in incorporating F-Secure into the Stock Exchange and generated the HR process for the Finnish company Suunto, acting as HR leader and as a member of the HR team respectively. I worked in Eastern Africa for 6 years, developing HR activities for various international organisations.

I can offer my expertise in HR to enhance the business and thus add value to the project.

Kalle Sysikaski

I have been professionally active in aiding the developing countries through KEPA (the umbrella organisation for Finnish civil society organisations) and the activities of the Finnish Peace Movement and have made numerous contacts in his field throughout the world. I act as a peace and security co-ordinator for the Asia-Europe People’s Forum, concentrating in the region of Asia.

I consider the opportunity to contribute to the Tanzanian education project as a welcome new challenge. In my native Finland, I have been closely involved in child protection, culture, literature, education and with young refugees.

Leena Riisalo

Leena Riisalo

accountant of the association
business analytics professional

Pension days approaching and I am excited to study the gardener. Something you have to do when you retire;) I sing in the choir and I like to go to classical music concerts.

Pirjo Tornberg

Pirjo Tornberg

Teacher, principal

I have worked 7 years as a principal in Koulumestari Primary School in Espoo city. I have a long experience in the field of education. I started as a kindergarten teacher in 1987 and after worked 8 years in early childhood education I graduated as a class teacher in Primary School 1997 and later as a special teacher 2004 from Helsinki University. I have worked as a special teacher both in Primary and Secondary Schools.
Six years ago I got involved in the Arusha Hear! -Project when I took a year off from my job. I worked 3 months as  a volunteer in this Project in Meru Primary School in Arusha, Tansania. After this experience I have wanted to support the education of special children in Arusha.

Board of FSE Tanzania and its actors

Pic to come

Musa Luambano

Chairman of the board, FSE Tanzania

Bertha Dennis

Bertha Dennis

Secretary of the board, FSE Tanzania
The Country Coordinator of FSE Tanzania
+255 766 012 831


Nossim Aloyce

Treasurer of the board, FSE Tanzania
Operation Manager of FSE Tanzania
+255 755 838 594

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