What we do

Schools offering secondary education severely lack suitable conditions for young people with difficulties in communication and those with limited mobility. Unchallenged scenarios are common: deaf students rarely receive interpretation services and many other basic requirements, such as study materials, are often out of reach for secondary and even further education students with disabilities. Often school curriculums do not take into account disabled pupils and their needs, resulting in a large percentage of disabled secondary education pupils leaving school before reaching their qualifications. Finding employment without basic qualifications is near impossible.

Our aim is to engage with Tanzanian organisations and authorities to create wide-ranging coordinated effort focusing on improving both pedagogical and material concerns. We are planning various proposals to the Tanzanian government, the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, donation events, simultaneously attending meetings with our existing coordinators and supporters.

By granting scholarships, we support further training for teachers within the special education sector in Tanzanian education establishments. We provide training for supplementary teaching, further training for class-, subject-specific and teachers for pupils with special needs. We also organise training and information events for those in government administration and host coordination forums for education professionals in Arusha. Our network of specialists at home and abroad is wide ranging.