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Our Christmas 2018 campaign:


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We now need Your help.

By supporting our activities in Arusha, you can take part in building a better future for orally handicapped school children, giving them the much needed technical know-how that is so important in the modern world.

With our campaign in December, we collected money for example new school suits, shoes, backpacks and school supplies. Thanks to all the participants!

You can become a member. The annual fee is 15€.

Bank account:
IBAN: FI81 5780 4120 0662 01
Reference number: 2018 01011

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Learning Center

Our goal was to build a learning center at the Meru School. The size of the house is about 200 m2 and has, for example, computer class, library and safe warehouse. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs project funding covered teacher training and computer support, among others. Even the solar panels on the roof were in the budget. But the walls and ceiling were missing! Thanks to the generous gift of our donors in August 2015. See photos of the opening ceremony.
If you would like to participate in the maintenance costs of the Finland House, contact the secretary of the association directly.


Donate a laptop

To enable us to make a real impact in teaching Information Technology, more computers are needed. Used, working computers that are a few years old, are also welcome. Their hard disks will be safely erased by our staff, and new operating system and programmes installed.

If you wish to donate a laptop, please contact the Secretary.



Donate other items

If you can think of anything else that would benefit this particular project, please contact the Secretary.


Following companies / individuals have supported us:

  • Erkki Laine
  • Kristen Laine
  • Erick Laine
  • Susan Laine
  • Peter Laine
  • Christopher Laine
  • Thomas Laine
  • Nancy Davis
  • Anna-Kaisa Säämänen
  • Kristina Vuori
  • Ilkka Vuori
  • Eeva Äärimaa
  • Ulla ja Kai Nyholm
  • Ulla ja Lasse Thölix
  • Stina Hirvonen
  • Hannele Karkila
  • Kurt Blomqvist
  • Antti Raike
  • Terho Harju
  • Eero Teerijoki
  • Risto Korhonen
  • Jaana Alaja
  • Risto Nissinen
  • Antti Aro
  • Pekka Ristola
  • Henrik de la Chapelle
  • Leena Hjort
  • Jukka Sarpila