The Deaf Unit at Meru Primary School

In conjunction with the school’s head master and special needs teachers, we improve its general learning environment and provide further training for its staff. The educator training which started in 2013 is a continuum to the ongoing improvement of the training skills of all teaching staff and technicians. These personnel already provide and will continue to lead teacher training during the expansion of IT-based learning establishments in Tanzania. Together with Meru Primary School (MPS) teachers we will utilise learning materials for the disabled and guide them when new materials and equipment are implemented.

Deaf pupils moving onto the second grade in Arusha will receive a laptop for the duration of their studies. We also provide them with school accessories, rucksacks/bags and school uniforms. For those with limited funds or with long school journeys we organise travel assistance.

We have also completed the construction of a new learning centre using private funding. This centre serves as classrooms for the school’s deaf unit. The centre is equipped with state-of-the-art technology; wireless internet, optical fibre connection and a solar power system. Installation of these was made possible with the financial support by the Finnish Ministry of Foreign Affairs during 2014-2016.

In the afternoon students have the opportunity to take part in the IT club

Sign language is being taught in the Arusha region for teachers, education officials, healthcare personnel, the police and others in public services to enable them to communicate with the deaf in their own language. An important aspect of our work is our partnership with CHAVITA, the Tanzanian Association for the Deaf, which enables us to connect with a wider field of organisations.

The head teacher of the Deaf Unit, John Maukiri, teaching the teachers of the Arusha area sign language.

We ensure that the technical staff are kept up to date with new developments. We support them in learning new skills in finding and researching information. At present an important subject is the study of coding and the teaching of coding to deaf pupils.

Students are learning about robotics.

Together with the school administrators we also ensure that a high technical standard is maintained within the deaf unit. We provide the learning centre with a sufficient number of laptops, memory sticks and other technical appliances.