FSE – Finnish Special Education in Africa

The Finnish Special Education in Africa was founded in 2012 to support and develop education for a wide range of disabled people. In those early days we had no idea where this project would lead us, so we gave the organisation its generic name.

To date, our activities have focused on improving the learning environment of deaf children and adolescents, along with further training of teachers.

Our first project during 2014-2016 was completed in cooperation with the Special Education Association of Finland and the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland. More details of this can be found on the project’s pages.   

Meru Primary School Deaf Unit students studying computers

Our coordinators in Tanzania are the city of Arusha, its surrounding region and their local education organisations. Specialist Teacher training in the city of Arusha District began in 2017. The Longido District near the Kenyan border is also developing its supply of special education for disabled children and students.

The cooperation in the Arusha region between Finnish and Scandinavian organisations is augmented by annual pedagogic forums and meetings. To our delight, in 2018 local businesses will also join in the organisation’s pedagogic forums.

The aim of our organisation is to actively influence policies for aid operations offered by Finland and other European countries. We believe that improving education for the disabled and disadvantaged - and girls - in developing countries is paramount among international welfare organisations.

During our activities we have had the pleasure of working with the Special Education Association of Finland (Sel.ry), the Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland, Kepathe Tanzanian Embassy of Finland, the ABILIS Foundation and the major Finnish company Kone 100th Anniversary Foundation. We have also enjoyed the support of numerous businesses, communities and individuals. We wish to thank each and every one for their support and hope that they have gained insight and found their kindness rewarding.