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Dear Friend,

We decided to launch this campaign in order to raise funds for school meals for children at Ngoswak school during 2018. At the same time, we point out other areas of assistance for your consideration.

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Situation 19.10.2019:

You can buy these gifts from our online store or by paying the amount using the  reference number associated with each gift to our account:

IBAN: FI81 5780 4120 0662 01

We deliver the gifts directly to their recipients without any extra costs.

Support Targets:



There has been no rain in the Ngoswak region for over 3 years. Cattle have died and children are hungry. Disabled children cannot attend school, instead they spend their days foraging for food. If they were provided with a meal at school, they would attend.

Morning tea and porridge plus lunch, which consists primarily of ugali (maize porridge) and beans: 30 euros per pupil per semester (ref. no. 20 18032).


A pair of shoes for a school child

Many of our pupils have shoes so old that they are about to fall apart. A pair of new shoes would bring great joy and happiness.

A pair of new shoes: 6 euros (ref. no. 20 18045)


A school bag

Every school child needs a bag. Not everyone actually has one.

School bag: 12 euros (ref. no. 20 18058)


A school notebook; small paperback version for youngest pupils

Without something to write on, it’s hard to memorise everything.

100 small notebooks: 12 euros (ref. no.20 18061)


Hardback notebooks

Larger notebook for older pupils – more room to write.

10 hardback notebooks: 14 euros (ref. no. 20 18074)


School uniform

In Tanzania, all pupils must wear a school uniform. Some school shirts are full of holes, as seen in the photo of a boy. There is no money to buy a new one.

A school uniform with shirt and skirt/trousers: 20 euros. (ref. no. 20 18087)

The whole set

Including school school sweater, skirt or trousers, shoes ans socks

40 euros ( 20 18090)


Pens/pencils and erasers

It’s hard to write without a writing implement, and sometimes an eraser is needed.

A year’s supply of pens/pencils for a whole class: 25 euros (ref. no. 20 18100)