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Dear Friend,

We have just spent a wonderful Christmas time with our loved ones. Hopefully your Christmas was full of warmth and joy, too.

Before Christmas, we collected with our campaign around € 7000. Thanks to all the donors! But giving gifts doesn’t have to end in Christmas. Providing children in Ngoswak with school meals will continue throughout the school year and much money is still needed: help us help Tanzania’s children and young people!

For almost 6 years we have been running a development project within the deaf unit at Meru Primary School and the results are outstanding.

Recently our operation has extended outside the city of Arusha to the Masai village of Ngoswak, where from March 2018 pupils have been provided with breakfast and lunch at school. Since the launch of this project, the number of pupils has risen from around 420 to 620. Previously the school had no disabled pupils, but the food is an excellent inducement – the school now has 8 disabled pupils. This clearly indicates the conditions children there are living in.

A year’s supply of school meals for one pupil costs 30 Euros. Local villagers see to sourcing the cooking fuel (wood) and catering.

All donations will go directly and IN FULL to the recipients. We operate totally voluntarily and without remuneration.

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Reference number: 2018 12246

Antti surrounded by the students in Ngoswak

During the year 2019 we need 18600€ to continue our food aid in Ngoswak school and for the necessary school supplies in Meru Primary School Deaf Unit..
From the goal raised: